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help_nojudgment's Journal

Help Minus the Judgement
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Here is a community kinda like Dear Abby. If you have a problem, you can post. You can post anonymously or with your screenname. No one will judge and if you want everyone to be able to give you advice, then say that in your post. Or you could make a "Dear Em:" thing. That is me. I'm the creator. There will be moderators to help me run things. You could direct it at one certain person you trust here or leave it open to all members. "Dear *insert name*:" or simply "Help from anyone." And you don't need to follow any of these forms. Make up your own. Whatever you're comfortable with.
My big thing is no judgment. You can post about anything; problems, updates, a good day. It doesn't just have to be sad things. We'd love to hear the good stuff. So if you want to give advice or get advice, join! All subjects will be open but if you begin to talk about sex or things not quite PG, please put a warning in your subject. I'm unsure of what age range will fall into place here but I think it will all be pre-teens and up. With anonymous posting, don't be afraid of embarassing things.
Each member will be responcible for their own screening of what they type and read. If an issue arises, please notify me.
When you join, just make your intro in the first entry, if you'd like. And feel free to talk to me and other members who offer their screen names outside of the community.
Thanks! Lots of love to all.